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Welcome fans of Squidbob (or Weegees). Enjoy the Wiki and have a Squidbob day! 

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Check out Fortran in this wiki!

Which Character is better?

The poll was created at 18:13 on April 30, 2013, and so far 55 people voted.

We got 345 pages for Squidbob. We got over 250 pages! That's Awesome!

To add stuff, go to the rules first. If want to know about this stuff, go to FAQ.

PLEASE, DO NOT INVADE THIS WIKI. To see a list of the users who tries to invade this wiki, go to Squidbob Tentapants Wiki Attack.

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  • Get over 100 pages in this wiki. (Complete)
  • Get over 250 pages in this wiki. (Complete)
  • Get over 500 pages in this wiki. (Not quite complete but people are working as hard as they can)
  • Get over 1,000 pages in this wiki. (Not complete)
  • Get over 2,500 pages in this wiki. (Not complete)
  • Make a Youtube Poop about Squidbob by a Squidbob fan. (Not complete; no status)
  • Make a Youtube video about Squidbob by a Squidbob fan. (Complete; 1 video have made, by NourGodly1592)

If all these goals are complete, these will happen: the top three normal contributors will be able to get a free Squidbob Tentapants or whichever character you want wallpaper. The top three chat moderators get to create their very own Squidbob Emotes for the chat. The top three Rollbacks will be able to revert any page they want other than the ones that are only required. The top three Administrators will get access to Squidbob Commands. The top three Bureaucrats will have a free choice of their own prize. And Squidbob will receive free choice of prize + Squidbob Museum.

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