Squidben arlonpants
Toon squidben
"... sometimes you guys are weird"-squidben

he was created when Lukben03 used his lukben virus on squidbob virus when they stoped he appered out of nowhere.

his petEdit

his pets name is glitch-y because he is half allons-cat and half glitchy he is almost like glitchy just some diffrends he meows like a real cat he is a clone of glitchy

his powersEdit

he can do a weegee virus to turn you into squidbob or lukben clones, he can also say exterminate to destroy his enemys

Why squidbob and squidben hates echother Edit

After squidben was created he wanted to rule over the world squidbob got angry that he attacked squidben, and they always hated echother